It’s Pride Month! Here are the MVPs for YOUR Apple Watch.

It’s Pride Month! Here are the MVPs for YOUR Apple Watch.

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If you’re not matching your Apple Watch to your outfit yet, you’d better get with it! And let’s be real, who isn’t sprinkling a pop of extra colour into their wardrobe rotation during Pride Month? If you’re looking for something to tie into the flavour of the day, let us break down our faves for you… quick.

Firstly, our Pride Edition Sport Band. Simple but legendary!

Pride Edition Sport Band for Apple Watch

This beauty boasts a combination of six stunning colours, is made from our custom-developed silicone and will get you through any and all of the things on your to-do list, from boardroom meetings, to the arvo beach swim. It’s waterproof, durable, adjustable, soft, sexy, oooo. Ok, we think you get it.

Next, is our Pride Edition Sport Loop. An absolute essential for ease and versatility.

Pride Edition Sport Loop for Apple Watch

It’s so vibrant, it will have Karen sliding some shades on. Our Pride Edition Sport Loop for Apple Watch uses a hook-and-loop fastening mechanism (a fancy term for velcro) for an easy, comfy fit. Whether you’re wanting a gym buddy or a fashion statement, this strap has your back.

Step it up a notch in our Rainbow Milanese Loop. Nothing screams Pride Love X Fashionista more than this baby!

Rainbow Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

Featuring a gorgeous stainless steel mesh that wraps effortlessly around your wrist and iridescent glow when caught in the light, this top pick secures magnetically, and will have you labelled #iconic.

We hear you, ok? You need something a little paired back, but something with just as much Queen energy as our Milanese Loop…. Introducing our Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop!

Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch

Braids have never been more “Yes”, and this gorgeous thang has a texture you can’t go past. This strap will weave its way into your collection and slide its way over your wrist with incredible comfort! Our Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch is made with a custom-developed interwoven thread in 11 beautiful colours, making it an iconic style that's both sweat and water-resistant. Get around it!

Last but just as much of a baddy, is our Pride Edition Woven Nylon.

Pride Edition Woven Nylon for Apple Watch
This is the dark horse of our Pride Collection. It’s a go-to when you’re having one of those “I have nothing to wear” with a wardrobe bursting at the seams moments. It’s completely adjustable with a Stainless Steel buckle. This strap feels soft, silky and ever so luxe. Throw it on and be the epitome of fun and sophistication.

There ya go! Our top 5 straps for Apple Watch this Pride Month. But that’s not it, there are even more in the collection which you can shop right here.

Shop all - Pride Edition Special Collection for Apple Watch

Now go on, what’s your fave?

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