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Keep your Watch & Straps clean, you dirty thing 😉

If you’ve been livin’ the good life, and your Apple Watch is a little dirty, we’ve got you covered with our Polishing Cloth. Use it across all of your devices and keep it clean, you dirty thing!
Keep your Watch & Straps clean, you dirty thing 😉

Have you ever thought about how much bacteria is living and chilling on any of your devices? If not, it’s time to start, you dirty thing. Get your clean freak on with our Polishing Cloth for every single one of your devices, including your Apple Watch!

This bad boy is made from a custom-developed, soft, and non-abrasive material that cleans anything it touches. Our Polishing Cloth is excellent at getting those grubby fingerprints away from your most-loved devices safely and effectively.

Did you know that your Apple Watch bands can get pretty darn dirty? Even if you’re not using your Apple Watch for fitness or other dirty activities, dirt, sweat, and grime can accumulate over time. If you’re noticing your Apple Watch bands aren’t looking as fresh and clean as they used to, it may be time to replace them. Don’t stress - you can browse our wide variety of Apple Watch Bands and Straps here

Now you can live your best life, knowing that our Polishing Cloth will clean up the mess! From sweat, to water, to fingerprints, dirt, and accidental splashings, there’s nothing our Polishing Cloth can’t ctrl + alt + delete.

Get yours now, and get cleaning, you nasty thing 🧼